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Experiences around Kandy House

Nestled in the middle of the hills, Kandy, the second largest city in Sri Lanka, is a melting pot of art, craft, culture, and nature. Explore Kandy city by basing yourself at The Kandy House.


A short picturesque walk takes you through the village, paddy fields, and smiling faces to the local Degaldoruwa Temple.Built by a ruling king in the 18th century, the main shrine room is carved between two solid rocks, adorned by intricate murals deemed the best in that era


You do not have to be a nature lover to enjoy the lush Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. Brimming with exotic flowers, medicinal plants, and giant trees. Often referred to as the “Kew Gardens” of South Asia, you have option of a guided tour with a veteran botanist.


The sacred tooth of the Buddha is housed in the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy. Since being brought to the Island, it has become the symbolic representation of the living Buddha in the country and customs, ceremonies and rituals built around it.


Take time to visit a variety of landmarks in the city of such cultural and historical significance. Trinity College Chapel, the British Garrison Cemetry, and the historical museum play out Kandy’s past.The central market, contemporary cafes, batik shops and more its busy present


A golf course designed to international standards sits majestically by the Victoria reservoir and beautiful verdant backdrop of the Knuckles mountains.In less than an hour from the hotel, you can tee-off and enjoy all there amenities of the Country Club

Enjoy some exhilarating trekking along parts of The Knuckles Range with a picnic and panoramic views.Or stroll through the wooded avenues closer to Kandy at the Udawattakelle Sanctuary


Kandy has a long history of art and performances, attracting a number of local artists to make it their home. Take an eclectic visit to one of the celebrated Sri Lankan contemporary artists with works reflecting surrealism and spirituality.