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Care 2 Sustain


It is now 20 years since we started to care for guests staying at our properties, as well as support for sustaining the environment around us in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a country where still many traditional ways of interacting and empathizing with the environment produces an invaluable body of knowledge.These underpin local agriculture, food preparation, conservation, health and diet. At a time we are being warned about extinction and the damage being done to our natural world, no country is perfect but Sri Lanka has its institutions, culture and longstanding habits and respect which go hand in hand with supporting their species and environment.

At Manor House Concepts we are extending our efforts to support the environment and those around us.I am pleased to launch Care2Sustain which will focus on sustainability, as well as any social programs to also care for our communities. By 2019, we had abolished single-use plastics, all water is filtered and refillable – all packaging is biodegradable or multiple use – all waste is segregated – we monitor water and energy use, encouraging guests to participate alongside us – amenities for bathrooms are natural without preservatives.

Food is bought locally and organic (and we have introduced more vegan options) – we are committed to eco-friendly cleaning products – we abide by environmental legislation, and respect those related to labour and human rights – we respect all international regulations for wildlife – we reduce, recycle and re-use as much a possible – staff education across all these has doubled.

Our community care has so far targeted child education – to date as support for primary schooling in the south – and will be extended to supporting the environment and nature in the future, once guests return and we share income to help important causes and projects. We feel you also support this mission, it is our intention to build on this for the future, and we
always look forward to you joining us in respecting this approach and your further suggestions


Santhosa School has been operating for around 15  years,created on Sri Lanka’s southern coast in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami,serving the local community which lost one of its schools.Children from local villages of all abilities are welcomed and the emphasis is on a well-rounded start to education, at the ages of three through to six, with a regular pre-school curriculum (loosely based on the Montessori methodology).Teaching is in english and singhala with additional emphasis on art, music and dancing as well as celebrating a variety of pageants across cultures and religions


No single use plastics
Care for our Communities
Local and Organic Food
Segregation of Waste
Protection of Wildlife
Monitor Water & Energy
Abide by Environment Legislation
Respect for Human Rights