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Supporting Santhosa School

Children from local villages of all abilities are welcomed and the emphasis is on a well-rounded start to education, at the ages of three through to six, with a regular pre-school curriculum (loosely based on the Montessori methodology).Teaching is in english and singhala with additional emphasis on art, music and dancing as well as celebrating a variety of pageants across cultures and religions.

Although improving, education provided by the state is quite structured, lacking imagination and the encouragement of independence of thought or initiative. Santhosa School has created a reputation for a better introduction to education for young children.For some alumni this has created impressive results relative to the opportunity they might otherwise have had for children from local poor communities who cannot receive this type of start in life.

For anybody staying more than 2 nights at The Last House, we donate a small portion of your booking cost to the school.Funds are primarily spent on running costs – our staff, utilities, maintenance and teaching materials.The balance is dedicated to some further improvements typically required from time to time, and others to improve the experience for the children.There are usually 40 to 50 pupils enrolled at the school in any one academic year.

Plans are also underway to expand a school “event” days to include a Cleaner Environment Day (raising basic awareness of excess waste which is not bio-degradable and overall sustainability) and Cooking Classes which will include contributions and help from some parents.

Over recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on sport, with more than one school team event with gentle competition. Children were delighted to show their art efforts at a small but beautifully inspiring exhibition. A cross-section of religious festivals are celebrated.An outstanding highlight of the year is the School Concert – an impressive and colorful performance involving all pupils, staff and parents.

We extend our sincere thanks for your generous support if you are staying at The Last house.It ensures the continued success of what has become a charming and highly admired school in this part of Sri Lanka, which needs valuable support to continue its work.