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Health,Hygiene and Ahead

We have closely worked with all relevant local authorities including the Ministry of Health, Public Health Inspectors and the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, following all their guidelines alongside those recommended by the World Health Organisation

Although you will generally be very aware of protocols anywhere since the pandemic emerged early in 2020, we have summarized the key ones still ongoing at our properties, for your peace of mind

All staff have received specific training from their local Public health inspection team

All surfaces and items are sanitized regularly and after use in specific areas

Recommended hand-sanitizer is available around the properties for your use

On arrival, temperature-checking and sanitizing protocols for guests and their luggage

All supplies and materials are cleaned appropriately upon delivery at the properties

Very specific rules and procedures exist around all food production and handling

Seating in our restaurant areas and around the property suit social-distancing

Appropriate PPE is worn by all staff according to appropriate function and guidelines

Procedures around laundry collection, cleaning and return are followed

Contact with local medical support available immediately

Staff and property fully prepared to respond in case of COVID-19 outbreak

Looking ahead, and even if hopefully COVID at least recedes as a global pandemic, we will continue to regularly review our protocols.We want to strike the right balance firmly supporting your health and safety with a relaxing and fulfilling experience in Sri Lanka

Past months have also given us the opportunity to examine other priorities.Sustainability and care for our neighbors and environment has never been at the back of our mind, but undoubtedly is has been moving front of mind for many over these challenging and sometimes reflective times.We would point you to the section of our website Care2Sustain which outlines our philosophy and some details

We wish you a truly deserved, overdue, thoroughly enjoyable and safe holiday!